Spa Grooming Services

Ritzy Rover Spa and Grooming Services

Indulge your pet with a gentle and tranquil massage and bathing experience in our serene environment. Ritzy Rover uses only natural products formulated with plants and essential oils for an aromatic and therapeutic grooming experience. Once you arrive for your pet’s appointment, the groomer will meet with you to determine exactly what you expect from the grooming experience. After the personalized bathing and massage your pet is gently hand dried and then groomed to meet your expectations. We will then call you and let you know that your pet is ready to be picked up. Stop by the store for a tour of our grooming salon and meet our dedicated and experienced groomers.
Spa Grooming Treatments

Classic Spa Bath and Brush Includes bathing with an expert groomer who provides hand washing, hand drying and thorough brushing.Pricing by breed — call 303-471-4437 for pricing and appointment. Deluxe Spa Bath and Groom Includes the same bathing experience as the Classic Spa treatment but also includes haircut, nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary clip and massage.Pricing by breed — call 303-471-4437 for pricing and appointment.
Special Spa Services

Oatmeal Conditioning — Do mats and tangles frustrate you and your pet? This special conditioning service leaves your pet silky and tangle-free. Natural conditioning Shea Butter and Colloidal Oatmeal prevent dry, fly-away coat.$10 — Conditioning

Nail Trimming — Using gentle touch and professional skill this task is conducted quickly and without pain or stress. Standard nail trim is included in the Deluxe Spa, Dremel only $3 additional.

$15 — Walk-in Nail Trim

$18—Walk-in Trim with Dremel

Paw Massage — Do you love to have your feet massaged? The Paw Massage brings the same soothing feeling to your pet from their paws throughout their body. The Paw Massage soothes and protects paws with Shea Butter, Essential Oils and Vitamin E.

$10 — Massage

Blueberry Facial — A gently facial massage cleans and brightens your pet’s face with coconut oil, jojoba, aloe, blueberry extract, avocado and vitamins A, D and E.

$10 — Facial

Teeth Brushing — This important hygiene task can be stressful for you and your pet. Leave it to the professionals and everyone will be happier!$10 — Teeth Brushing

Nail Polish — Why not have your dog’s nails polished for the special event or holiday. You can choose from several fashionable colors.

$10 — Nail Polishing

Shave-Down — Occasionally we get a request to have a dog shaved down, either for comfort, excessive matting or owner preference. Price will depend on the condition of the coat and the breed. Our groomers will be happy to discuss this when you and your dog arrive for the groom appointment.

De-Matting — The cost of a Deluxe Groom includes 15 minutes of de-matting (if necessary). Additional time spent de-matting will be charged at $5 for each 15 minutes.

De-Shedding — Shedding can be a constant nuisance with many breeds. Let our experienced groomers help with a de-shedding treatment. You will notice a significant decrease in the amount of shedding and your dog’s coat will be much easier to manage.

$5-$10 — depending on breed — De-Shedding Treatment





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